Champions Court Guest Bathroom


The couple came to designer Melinda Dzinic with a specific style in mind: luxe hotel. They wanted to have a bathroom in their home that reminded them of hotels they had stayed in during past trips to France. This gold-framed mirror set the tone.

“They love France,” Dzinic says, noting that one of these clients speaks French fluently. Dzinic landed on a white, blue and, of course, gold color scheme after listening to the couple recount their travels and favorite parts of their French stays.


The bathroom remodel took six weeks, with five of those weeks solely being construction.


High Reflective White, Sherwin-Williams; flooring: marble with honey onyx inserts


The main element driving the style was the gold-framed mirror, a family heirloom that gives the space an air of sophistication. “They wanted to maintain a look of high-end hotels to make guests feel like they are in a luxury hotel,” Dzinic says.


Dzinic paired the gold mirror with a mix of polished nickel and antique brass metals. If you look closely, you’ll see that the sink faucet combines both metals. This mix of metals accents the mirror but lets it remain the standout feature in the room.


The bathroom doesn’t have a nearby linen closet, so the vanity needed to include towel storage. Dzinic’s solution was these two “X” spaces in the custom-made vanity.

The top drawers provide room for toothbrushes, toothpaste and hand towels. The bottom drawers hold extra towels and other accessories. The clients keep the drawers well stocked so guests always have easy access to the basics.

Inside one of the top drawers, Dzinic included a power strip. This keeps the design clean and lets guests easily use things like hair dryers and curling irons.


The couple wanted something more than an “all-white and clean” look, the designer says. They fell in love with this mosaic, Dzinic says, especially because of the small blue circles in the design that match the color of the vanity.


Dzinic always wanted to incorporate a corner seat. To ensure a high-end feel, they worked the seat into the design using the same material as the shower walls.


Dzinic views the niche as a vital part of a shower design. She prefers building in the storage rather than designing a shower that will get cluttered with bottles strewn about. For this design, she worked in two small shelves for levels of storage and incorporated the mosaic tile.


White, Cultura, Emser Tile; mosaic tile: Manchester, Soci; shower system: Newport Brass

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