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Euro Design Build provides Parker homeowners with a wide spectrum of innovative home design, interior design and home improvement services to expand and enhance their kitchens and baths.

People talk a lot about integrity, but we truly live it. To us, integrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking because it is the only way to do it. We believe having a positive experience during the home improvement journey means involving the industry leaders as well as our dedicated team in pinpointing what your needs are as the homeowner and what your style is to result in one-of-a-kind space that is a perfect reflection of who you are.

When you rely on our visionaries, expert designers, and dedicated master craftsmen for home remodeling in Parker TX, you get a team that’s devoted to guiding you every step of the way to result in a distinctive new home.


Although Parker in a small city of about 4,000 people in Collin County, it’s got a lot of heart. Spanning just eight square miles, Parker is perhaps best known for its location of Southfork Ranch of the popular TV series Dallas. But Parker is so much more than that. Settled in the 1840s, this city takes its name from William C. Parker, the son of John C. Parker. It was finally incorporated in 1969 and continues to thrive today, slowly growing alongside the bigger suburbs of Plano as well as Dallas 26 miles away.

Our founder and CEO Melinda Dzinic takes her personal philosophy of excellence and integrity and infused it within the whole company, giving way to a comprehensive team of professionals who work seamlessly together to ensure your finished product is a reflection of your dreams. We cater to many specialties when it comes to home remodeling in Parker TX, including:

  • Home Design Consulting
  • Interior Design and Decoration
  • Professional Remodeling
  • Home Design Dallas
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
  • Home Improvements
  • Room Additions

Why Choose Euro Design Build For Your Home Remodeling Project in Parker, TX

We have been remodeling properties in the DFW area for quite a while now. Our team is proud to have a stellar reputation within the community and takes great pride in our work. Our community of clients appreciates that we ensure to conduct fantastic work when it comes to everything from a bathroom project to a kitchen remodeling project in the Parker, TX area.

Our team has focused on superior results since the start of our operations and approaches each part of the process with care and a certain level of focus.

We believe that each project should start quickly and be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Euro Design Build has enjoyed working with clients all over the DFW area in everything ranging from interior design and ideation to conducting holistic installations.

We are pleased to work with our local community in the Parker area.

How We Differentiate and Bring Compelling Value To the Building Process

The creation and re-creation of homes mean everything to our team. There is something quite satisfying about helping our clients mold their environment into the perfect form to obtain the right level of enjoyment from their properties.

Here are a few of our characteristics and why our clients love us.


One of the reasons why we love this space is because it revolves around creativity. Our clients love us because we bring a certain level of artistry to this process. We can work with the client to express themselves and bring about their own individual style and flair to their home. This is fantastic because it helps clients to come home to a space that they can genuinely call their own. It helps them to gravitate to a place where they can optimize their peace of mind and be at an optimal level of rest.

Our team loves to brainstorm with clients, present artistic solutions, and ensure that our clients are pleased with the results.

Remember that our project managers are here to ensure that each part of the project is conducted in a timely, professional, and pleasant manner.


Our clients love to work with us because they know that we bring years of experience and knowledge to every project. Our team of local contractors will make sure to do an excellent job and adhere to local regulations. For instance, we ensure to stay in line with the local codes and meet the various requirements necessary to transform your space from one stage to the next.

Our design decisions are guided by your tastes and wants. At the same time, we also make sure that they are possible with local regulations.

We want to provide beautiful work and great services. That is why, whether you have a custom home or standard home which you would like to customize and make your own, we are there for you and will do an outstanding job.

Experience Handling Different Projects

Do you seek to have a master bath? How about a kitchen remodel as the last piece of the puzzle to make it your dream home? Whether it is a master bathroom or another aspect of your improved living space, our professional remodels, and renovation company is there for our clients in Parker County.

We prioritize quality for everything, from complete remodels to simple construction projects for your house.

Our company has enjoyed working with residents in areas like Plano, TX, and Fort Worth, and we are pleased to be helpful to more people by providing quality work and great service every time.

If you are looking for an exceptional team that can honestly deliver a great service on schedule and can meet your expectations, reach out to our firm today.

Elevate Your Home and Overall Experience with Euro Design Build Today

Euro Design Build puts your vision first, blending our ideas with yours to come up with a beautiful yet functional remodeling that works for your family. Kick-off your project with an initial phone call and in-person consultation with us today.

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