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P. Cohen

We highly recommend Euro Design Build. From design through construction, the professional staff at this family-owned company took us through our large project, which included four bathrooms, a redesign of the family living space, as well as some features in our kitchen. We especially liked their design team, which through their computer system was able to give us a rendering of exactly what the finished product would look like. They were very mindful of even the smallest of details. When any unforeseen problems arose, they came up with multiple solutions for us to choose from. You will not go wrong with this company.

– Paul Cohen

Mark and Lori 

After 30 years we finally decided it was time to turn our home into the house we really wanted since we were obviously never leaving. We chose Euro Design Build over other contractors because we could tell immediately that Melinda and Seval not only had the expertise we were looking for in both design and construction but were also willing to help us achieve our goals while maintaining their integrity.

We spent two months working with the team to design a home that reflected who we are, filled with color and light and spaces where we could both live and work. When we ran into conflicts, Melinda, Michelle, and Sammy listened to and incorporated our ideas as they could or directed us to compromises when necessary. We learned to listen to them because they knew so much more than we did about appliances, tile, plumbing, flooring, and, well, basically everything that goes into building a home that endures!

Six months later, Euro’s team started methodically destroying almost every room in our house. We hunkered down in two small bedrooms for four months while Seval, Jose, Lee, Walter, Ray, Ivica, and Mirsad worked their magic, marveling every day at their attention to the smallest details, their ability to problem solve, and their cleanliness along the way. When Jose and Lee discovered that neither our ceiling nor any of our existing walls even approached the idea of level, they took pains to ensure that no one else would ever know. Ivica created works of art with tiles of various sizes and patterns. Ray built and installed custom cabinets and bookshelves in every room, and Walter painted cabinets, shelving, and trim multiple times without leaving a single brushstroke. We still can’t figure out how he did that. Mirsad willingly did everything that no one else had time to do, smiling and laughing along the way. There was nothing this team could not do, no issue they could not resolve, and those solutions led to results more beautiful than we expected.

Along the way, we learned that Melinda performs magic. When one of our new windows was too large for its intended space, she called on her resources at the manufacturer, and we had a correctly sized window within a week. Miraculously, a single phone call to the showroom brought our refrigerator in September instead of November as expected. No more garage-fridge for us! Upon discovering that our new window coverings eliminated instead of softly filtering the light in our now wide-open kitchen, Melinda swiftly reordered the correct blinds and handled the additional costs with minimal fuss. Did we mention she is a magician?

Yes, our project ran longer than intended. Yes, we spent more than we expected. Yes, there were hiccups. Yes, we got tired of cooking in our garage. Most importantly, though, we would do it all again, but only with Melinda, Seval, and the entire team by our side. Every person who walks in our home comments on not only how beautiful it is but how functional and how much it looks like us. It’s a good thing we don’t plan to leave. We could never find a house that compares to this, our new Euro-designed and -built grown-up home.

– Mark and Lori

Mei Lin and Fred Turner

We finally have a space that expresses who we are and how we want to live and gives us the right tools to do it.

Our new kitchen has the feeling of quiet good quality–the materials are solid and sound, the technology of the room is well designed, the proportions and colors are pleasant and harmonious but not overly symmetrical, the light is excellent, and the flow and accessibility are comfortable and convenient.

Melinda, Seval, and Sammy worked closely with us as a five-person design team. Each one of us contributed original and interesting ideas, and each idea was well discussed and modified as the process of design and building continued. Melinda, Seval and Sammy were unfailingly patient and courteous, and they genuinely shared our enthusiasm for the project. The other members of their work team were generally expert, hard working, and pleasant to be around.

The remodel was quite extensive, involving two rooms, a support beam, a new window and enlarged doorway, part of a third room, and considerable work in the attic.

Everybody who has seen the room has called it beautiful, but also called it comfortable and warm–it was not ostentatious or frigidly aesthetic. Though it is not unfashionable, it has a number of design and artistic features that make it quite unique in many ways.

As I expected, the project cost more than we budgeted, about 1/3 more, and lasted about three months longer. Supply chain problems, unexpected physical issues with the house, general economic problems resulting from Covid, the labor shortage, and some later additions account for the overruns. Other people in our area experienced worse during the same period.

The expense and time are well worth it. Our home is now becoming really ours.

-Mei Lin and Fred Turner

Gladys C.

Euro Design Build remodeled our kitchen in a house that we lived in for 35 years. Melinda Dzinic was great to work with as a designer. Having her own showroom made it very convenient to decide on different materials for our kitchen. She patiently showed us many possibilities until we were completely satisfied with the materials chosen. There were several things that we did not know much about but she informed us about the pros and cons of each so that we could make an educated decision. She is very knowledgeable about kitchen design , especially things that will make life more convenient. What started out as just replacing the countertops, backsplashes, and appliances grew into a much bigger remodeling project. We also decided to replace the cabinets, remove the column between the kitchen and sunroom, re-do the sunroom walls, and replace the carpet in the dining room with hardwood flooring. The kitchen is much more open now and looks up-to-date. The change was dramatic. We spent a lot more money than we originally planned but it was well worth the extra cost. We are very pleased with our new kitchen and sunroom now and enjoy it every day. Everyone who comes to visit is so impressed with how different the kitchen and sunroom look, the quality of the cabinets, and how well the remodeling work was done. Her husband, Seval Dzinic was in charge of the construction part of the project. His experienced crew was very specialized and skilled in their different crafts. They were all very courteous and punctual. Melinda and Seval are perfectionists and strive for quality work and satisfied customers. We are so glad that we chose their company to remodel our kitchen.


Scott Park

We love Euro Design…they treat us like family. Their designs are great – and really work with us to make sure we are putting some of ourselves in the finish design. The folks they have doing the work are the utmost professionals – so courteous and polite – and are amazing craftsmen. We have used them now for 5 rooms in our house….and plan on using them for the rest. I would recommend them to anyone. Great Design, Great Execution, Great Customer Service!!

– Scott Park

Phil Crimmins

Our client said it best when he said…

“ I was reminded today, as I spent more time in our newly remodeled house, that you are one of our most intimate friends. You know our tastes. You see how we live. You know what books we have. You are very familiar with our personal situation. And you have twice now helped us express ourselves and improve our lifestyle by changing our home. You help us live life as much as any doctor or personal advisor. What gifts you all have. What a great company you run. You are about helping people develop the lifestyle they aspire to have.”

– Phil Crimmins

Kristin And Ron S.

We sincerely regret that we will not be able to attend the anniversary celebration on the 20th. We relocated full time to the Southern California desert in 2015. Please pass on our heartfelt congratulations to Melinda and Seval on this milestone event. Melinda and Seval, along with Mirsad and Ivica, were a small company when they tackled a complicated renovation on our Dallas home in 2003. The quality, lasting beauty and timeless appeal of their work was apparent, even after 12 years, when the house was sold in 2015. We could not be happier for Euro’s continuing growth and success.

All our best,
– Kristin and Ron S.

Project Review – Eifler Residence

Melinda Dzinic and the Euro Design Team are creative, professional, flexible and trustworthy. Melinda and Seval closely monitored and supervised the project which was completed in the agreed to time period. The remodel included both interior and exterior redesign to our house. The interior worked focused on our foyer, living room and space between the kitchen and dinning room. The foyer, living room and fireplace were completely gutted and redesigned. A butler’s pantry was added between the kitchen and dinning room. Everything in the living room was either rebuilt or replaced. A new wine bar/cellar was added adjacent to the fireplace. A butler’s pantry cabinet and wine bar were built by the craftsman’s at Euro design. These item were high quality furniture. The exterior remodeled involved rebuilding of the entry way and the expanding of the front flower boxes. The new entry door in the front has not only added to the beauty of the front entry way but to the safety and security of the house. We highly recommend Euro Design and Melinda Dzinic and will work with them again on future remodels.

– J. Eifler, Plano, TX

Ron And Kristin S.

Our experience with Euro Builders & Remodelers during the recent updating of our Bent Tree home was a wonderful collaboration of our ideas with Euro Builders and Remodelers’ creative vision for bringing them to life.

Their approach, beginning with the design and planning phases and through to the completion of the process, is always hands-on. The Euro staff is truly creative and their skill and experience is evident in their workmanship and attention to detail. We are extremely pleased with both our selection of Euro Builders & Remodelers and with the beautiful results of their work.

– Ron And Kristin S., Dallas, TX

S. Tutle

Thank you so very much for the beautiful job you did on our front doors and daughter’s room. The work was done to perfection. I was so impressed with your integrity and work ethic. I look forward to using you on future projects.

– S. Tutle, Frisco, TX

Michelle W.

My bathroom was an outdated disaster and I couldn’t see through the orange tile, the over-sized shower and peeling wallpaper. However, Melinda came in with a vision and, like the Fairy Godmother, turned my raggedy bathroom into a Cinderella-like space.

In addition, the team at Euro has been a joy to work with. They’re respectful; they come in and do their jobs in a professional manner. The work is top-notch and worth the time and money we put into the project.

There’s always a little uncertainty when hiring people to come into your home to perform any type of work but that was dashed within hours of meeting the team and seeing how they work.

If you’re looking to upgrade or completely go down to the studs and start over, I would highly recommend Euro Design for the job.

– Michelle W.,Plano, TX

Joe And Nannette M.

Dear Melinda and Seval

Joe and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the magnificent rooms you helped create in our home. Not only did you perform an outstanding job, but you made what could have been a very stressful event into a virtually painless process. Your team was always professional, very courteous, and timely in their work. They were such a pleasure to be around that I have found myself actually missing them from day to day.

Melinda, not only are you an amazing and incredibly talented person, but a strong, smart and savvy business woman, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for you both professionally and personally. You are truly an inspiration to me and someone whom I greatly admire.

Together, you and Seval provide the perfect combination of quality craftsmanship and creative design. Every decision was carefully thought through and executed with our best interests in mind, both financially and aesthetically. Your passion and dedication to excellence is apparent in every detail. You listened to our needs and desires and with much empathy and care created a home that we will love for years to come. We truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication. You have exceeded ALL of our expectations and we thank you!

Best Wishes to you and your family at Euro. We look forward to seeing you again as clients and as friends.

– Joe and Nannette M., Dallas, TX

Carmen & Bryan K.

I just wanted to let you know how much Bryan and I are enjoying our kitchen!!!! We absolutely love so many things about it! We love, love, love the way the island is built with all of its cabinet space. !! We love how quietly all of our cabinets close and how wonderful it is to be able to adjust them to what we need! We love our Pella window and our deep, big sink! We love our new oven and stunning hood!!!!! Of course, we also love the new buffet and how much more sense it makes than a desk! We definitely are looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving in our new kitchen!

Thank you again for all your hard work in designing our kitchen.

– Carmen & Bryan K., Flower Mound, TX

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Kathleen Kohl
Kathleen Kohl
22:34 01 May 19
EURO Design remodeled our master bedroom in February 2017. It is the most tranquil bedroom that I have ever slept in. The design ensured the luxury of their prior work in the master bathroom flowed into the master bedroom and created a master suite that is beautiful, extremely functional, and amazingly serene. From the wall color to the custom fireplace and the wonderful bed, the design is flawless. This is the sixth project EURO has done in our home and each time we are more impressed with the vision and skill the team brings to the job. Now in 2019, we are looking to add our 7th project – remodel the spare bedroom, closet, and bath. Never any doubt that will be more
Karen Mullins
Karen Mullins
01:11 22 Dec 17
I stumbled onto Euro Design Build when researching companies who could help me tackle a guest bed and bath renovation. The reviews were very positive so I decided to risk it. From the very beginning the experience was straightforward and painless. I needed this bathroom to be ADA compliant and done before Thanksgiving to accommodate hosting my guests.Melinda and her group created a beautiful design that even made the shower in this small bathroom work for someone wheelchair-bound. Construction took about a month to do the bathroom and the guest bedroom walls and floors. The workers were over almost every day and were very kind and respectful of my property. No one balked if I asked them to do another coat of paint or double-check anything because it was important to them to have everything turn out perfectly.The results were outstanding. I’m jealous that my guest suite looks better than my master and I will not hesitate to use Euro Design Build again in the more
Karen Crelia
Karen Crelia
20:12 12 Oct 17
We would definitely remember Euro Design for any remodeling project. They recently completed a tub/shower remodel for us and we were very pleased. The entire company was wonderful to work with. The work space was clean and neat. Every detail was handled professionally. Communication was very timely and efficient. They were wonderful to work more
Paula Menendez
Paula Menendez
18:54 04 Oct 17
Melinda Dzinic and the whole team at Euro Design Build have transformed our home and our lives! We have worked with other contractors on a few other jobs, and by the end of those jobs, well, let’s just say we were glad when it was over. With Euro, everything went so smoothly, professionally, on schedule and according to plan, they exceeded our expectations in every way, and we feel we have made new friends. The spaces they renovated (kitchen, laundry, bath, dining room, kids’ game room) are so beautiful, so well built and exceptionally functional, we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering any type of home renovation. Seriously, look no further. Euro is the BEST!read more
Bill Semper
Bill Semper
01:34 21 Aug 17
They were awesome – from the design process right through to completion. Delivered exactly what they promised, on time, and the quality of the work was excellent. Highly recommend!read more
Alice Bell
Alice Bell
17:53 10 Feb 16
We are currently in process with our fourth project with Euro Design Build. We could not be happier with the results of the previous three projects, and look forward to the completion of our beautiful, efficient kitchen. We have come to depend on EURO because of the excellent quality of their work, the efficient management of each project, and the skill, care and courtesy of their work teams. Most importantly, we rely on their recommendations because they spend a considerable amount of time researching new products and innovative solutions, and receiving training in them. I recommend Euro Design Build Remodel fully and without more
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Hahn Success Story

I chose Melinda because she added the element of design to the bathroom that I was looking for, not just replace the existing components of my bathroom. The staff at Euro was very easy to work with. I work from home so I was grateful that they did not interrupt my work process. The quality of the finished product in my bathroom is exceptional. It came out beautifully. I would recommend Euro to anyone considering a home remodeling project. Melinda has the vision and the staff making for a very pleasant experience.

– Hahn Family

Marty S.

Trudy and I sold the house in Fairview and moved to Hendersonville, NC to a retirement community, Champion Hills..Retirement communities for us was a bad idea with all the POA covenants and by laws. Housing cost way out of line. We have an ATTY now representing us. Anyway, you would die if you saw the remodel projects here….terrible workmanship, and expensive. We have the house for sale and moving back to TEXAS, if the house ever sells…If we need to remodel when back in Texas, probably, we will call you to do the projects..However, I still have my “yellow caution tape” to set parts of the house “off limits”. You have great ideas, but really expensive! We are poor meager old people. Anyway the projects for us in Fairview were outstanding, and helped sell the house, and we recovered our cost with the sale. Hope you and your crew are doing well…we really miss TEXAS.

– Marty S.

E. Storeim

Even before the work began on our remodel, Euro made us feel that our best interests were at the heart of every aspect of the project.

– E. Storeim, Dallas, TX

C. Orender

Thank you, Euro, for your concern about leaving each evening with our home in order, doing your best to remain inconspicuous so our lives could remain as normal as possible, treating our possessions gently and carefully, coming to work each day when you said you would and completing the job beautifully and on time.

– C. Orender, Frisco, TX

Patty P.

Good afternoon Melinda & my Friends at EURO,

I couldn’t find a card that really expressed my gratitude the way I wanted. Please accept these simple words of thanks because I really could not have accomplished this work without your patience and support.

How did you know what I didn’t even know I wanted? You must have been reading my mind, because you and the EURO craftsmen took an older home and made it shine so much like brand new. I love and continue to enjoy each day everything that the EURO folks have done.

With much appreciation – Thank you again!

Warmest regards,
– Patty P. in Highland Village

Duane And Shonda N.

Duane and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you for our beautiful new kitchen. It was an absolute wonderful experience working with such true professionals. Your integrity, creativity, superb follow through and commitment to excellence are evident in every detail. It was after much research and with great thought that we selected Euro to handle our kitchen remodeling project and you provided us with so much more that we expected. You understood and shared our vision in creating a warm, inviting environment full of old world charm and character. It was a fabulous, fun experience that we cherish every time we enjoy our new home.

We look forward to a long friendship and welcoming your team back into our home for our next transformation. We can think of no better compliment that to say, “We really do miss you!” and look forward to our next project together.

– Duane and Shonda N., Plano, TX

– Patty P. in Highland Village

Tom S.

I just want to thank you again for the beautiful bedding and drapes, and your outstanding selection of art and accessories for my home!!!! You have truly amazing design talent!!!

You have transformed my residence from an ordinary house to an elegant home!!!! I love what you have done for me and words are not sufficient to express my sincere thanks to you and your Euro team.

Warmest Regards,
– Tom S., Dallas, TX

Valorie B.

I am so glad I got to meet you in person and see the wonderful examples of your incredible work. You truly are an artist who envisions the “whole picture”. I know that my client, Jackie Ehlin, was very impressed.

I know that we will work together in the future. The Luster Stone is an incredible product. I think the application is endless, be it contemporary, old world, hospitality or commercial. I can’t wait to try it somewhere.

I will recommend you to everyone I know.

– Valorie B., Southlake, TX



I just had to write you a note to thank you for all your wonderful help yesterday – you are amazing! I know that you are really busy right now and it means a lot to Tim and me that you would take the time to give us so much help with our design choices for our Florida house. We feel so much more confident about everything now. I’d like to think we wouldn’t have picked the Uba Tuba granite for the kitchen (we’ve learned a few things from you over the years!), but there is no way we could have begun to put everything together the way you did. Tim and I really feel so much more excited about our new home in Florida knowing it will also have some special “Melinda” design. Thank you!!

– J.K., Plano, TX

Linda & Tom H.

In response to Melinda Dzinic’s new certification Congratulations on your new title. Title or not we know your incredible skills and talents. We are reminded each and every time we walk through our home!! Thank you for the joy that you brought to our lives through your design and friendship!

– Linda & Tom H.

Tom & Kathleen K.

Reprinted from Angies List Recommendation

Description Of Work:
Our master bath was gutted and redone in an old world style. Special wall treatment, new shower built of travertine and marble, a large Jetted tub, custom cabinets with custom pull outs and self-closing drawers, travertine tile floor with radiant heat system, tankless hot water heater, all done to perfection. We also had a leaded glass window installed to replace old window. Melinda has such style that although this remodel went well over what we had initially wanted to spend, it was worth every penny! If you want a discount remodel, this is not the contractor for you. If you want the bathroom you have always dreamed of and will contribute to the value of your home, then this contractor will deliver. Very pleasant and professional staff and subs. We highly recommend this company.

Member Comments:
First there was a home visit to see the space and to get an idea of our general decor and style. Then an interview to determine what we wanted in the new bath. Then several design sessions to finalize the plan. Once the materials were ordered, the job began. They were always there when they said they would be and were very respectful of our home and kind to our pets. All inspections went very well. Melinda was also very helpful when we wanted to make a couple of changes and her ideas made the changes better than we could have hoped. The level of craftsmanship this company provides is a cut above their competition.

– Tom & Kathleen K., Plano, TX

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Greg H.

Outside Builder Sales, Ferguson Enterprises

I would personally like to nominate Melinda Dzinic for the 2011 Remodeler of the Year award. Having worked with Melinda throughout the last 7 years, I truly believe she is deserving of this prestigious honor.

Working for a plumbing, appliances and lighting supplier has afforded me the opportunity to work with a myriad of construction clientele. Many of those clients have been remodelers, especially in light of the recent economic downturn in the homebuilding industry. Although there are many remodelers with whom I truly enjoy working, few of them rival the professionalism, artistic insight, consumer acumen, and integrity of Melinda Dzinic and Euro Design / Build / Remodel, Inc.

From the moment the initial meeting with Melinda and her client begins, I have a very distinct idea of the vision Melinda has created for the homeowner’s space. While meeting with clients, Melinda takes time to acquaint herself with their dream to transform the home, fostering a final product that is both personal and professional. Whether it be converting a bathroom into a private retreat or morphing a kitchenette into a fully functional living area primed for entertaining friends and family, Melinda ensures a concerted effort by all parties involved, culminating in her clients’ vision becoming a reality.

It is my strong contention that Melinda Dzinic receive this commendable distinction. I cannot express enough the superlative quality of Melinda’s commitment to excellence—not only to herself, her employees, and the others with whom she so closely works—but to the most important person of all, the client.

– Greg H., Dallas, TX

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Janelle And Jim

Hi Melinda,

We are very happy with our home and thank you so much for your creativity to turn our dreams into reality. It is truly beautiful.

– Janelle and Jim, Dallas, Tx

Pam M.

Dear Melinda,

Let me count the ways why Tom and I love Euro:

Thanks to your creativity and design skill, I got the kitchen island I always wanted but had no room for, a unique solution that “wows” everyone who sees it. Your perfectionist nature and attention to detail I appreciate every day, for both aesthetic and practical “please the cook” reasons. I could set my watch by the punctuality of your “guys”, who came ever day until the job was done (and on weekends if we’d let them) Your communication skills, because whenever we encountered a stumbling block, you immediately explained the problem, offered various solutions, and together we arrived at an even better result. The fact that your polite and hard-working workmen/artisans obviously love and respect you and Seval I’d forgotten how much fun cooking and entertaining can be. Now, with a kitchen that functions so beautifully and looks like it belongs in a magazine, my family and friends are reaping the benefits.

So, the McWilliams family thanks you, from the bottom of our happy hearts to the top of our satisfied stomachs. We know that we want only Euro for any future remodeling needs, and we’d be happy to welcome any of your clients into our home to show them the exceptional work you’ve done.

– Pam M., Plano, TX


Thank you for the tickets to the Remodeled Homes Tour. It was a good opportunity for me to see the contractors’ work and get a lot of decorating and remodeling ideas.

I cannot express in words how impressed I am by the quality and elegance of Euro’s work in the home on Eaton Court. Words and pictures do not adequately describe the timeless elegance of what Euro has created in this residence. The master bathroom is simply awesome!!! One has to see Euro’s work to truly appreciate it.

– Tom K., Plano, TX

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Susan And Enrique R.

I just want you to know that although we purchased our home knowing that it had significant potential, we never once thought it would become such a masterpiece. I cannot express how grateful I am for the high quality workmanship and the attention to detail of you and your staff. You have an incredible eye which was paramount in creating and pulling all the components together which we now lovingly call home.

Thank you, Melinda, from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to working with you again in the future and will highly recommend you to our friends when they are in need of superb remodeling work in their home.

– Susan And Enrique R.

Heatley Kitchen

I spent more than I wanted (don’t we all) but the wow factor that comes out of Euro Design Build’s work continues to amaze me and all who see it. My kitchen and the master bath before it are the talk of the hood. They earned every single one of the five stars I gave them.

– M. Heatley

Denise H.

We’ve used Euro twice and have been very pleased with our results both times. Euro has always gotten us result we’ve loved that has been uniquely us…”Never fear – Melinda is here!”

– Denise H., Dallas, TX

Joseph H. 

It is my sincere pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Seval and Melinda Dzinic of Euro Builders. I have had the opportunity to engage this builder on two separate occasions.

The first occasion was in the remodeling of my home in Addison, TX. It goes without mention that one would expect the highest quality service from any builder or remodeling company. However, with my many years of commercial and residential real estate financing, rarely have I ever seen a builder take their time to pay attention to the particulars. I am aware builders constantly struggle with trying to cleverly hide unsightly faults but Euro Builders is open in their efforts to correct, repair and improve even the tiniest of details.

Euro Builders have impressed many of the professionals involved in my home. I am aware of a recent event with my appraiser. The appraiser specially request Euro Builders to remodel his own home.

Secondly, Euro Builders helped me with a beleaguered situation with our bank. The bank was being criticized by regulators and inspectors, not to mention both craftsmanship and faulty interior design. Euro Builders without delay and uncompromising principles may have enthusiastically assisted the bank in preventing costly regulation issues. Additionally, Euro Builders may have helped us circumvent significant sub-contractor issues that would have further eroded interior design and structural code violations.

I am excited to introduce you to Euro Builders and their commitment to excellence. I am impressed with the owners and the employees’ integrity and dependability. It is rare that I would let someone in my home or our bank in vault areas with millions on deposit in cash work unsupervised. I would trust your experiences would be the same.

– Joseph H., Dallas, TX

Diane & Phil C.

I met Melinda a year before we started the remodel. I saw her passion for what she does. She is very professional and presented herself very well. Melinda was the quality designer that I wanted. At Euro, you get to work with Melinda, someone that is very passionate and talented. When we expressed what we wanted, Melinda would get it right away. It was important for Melinda to fully understand our lifestyle, our design. Every room that they touched is a more livable, function room for us. Anyone that we’ve recommended Euro to is going to be very satisfied with the way they approach the job and the integrity of the work.

– Diane & Phil C., Dallas TX

Sam & Elaine K.

I just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying our new home very much. Everyday, I see the detail of workmanship that you and your team performed and I am happy we made the decision to go with you.

I’m especially pleased with the office and the attention that Seval paid to achieving the standard I set out. It looks just as I hoped it would, and I get a great feeling working here everyday. The master, the bath, the dining room, the kitchen all are wonderful; you are a very talented person and have a very dedicated team.

Elaine and I wanted to thank you and Seval so much for doing a wonderful job. I’ve already told all my friends about you and you can expect us to be calling you again for our next project.

– Sam & Elaine K.

David S.

Binswanger Glass
I have been a glazier in the metro-plex for the last 21 years. Sometimes in all the shuffle of the day, it is often overlooked to give a pat on the back to contractors that give such great craftsmanship.

In the approximately 1 year that I have known your company, you and your staff have done such a great job that it makes me feel compelled to write this letter. So that you and your employees will know , I will have no reservation whatsoever to recommend your company to whoever should need service. When you give a referral in this business climate it could back fire in such a way that it could be detrimental to our company for referring you, but this is not the case. I feel that if I were to refer your company, it would be fantastic for your company, as well as ours, and the winners would be the customers.

It is at this time I would like to convey to you that I sincerely look forward to and enjoy working with professionals with such excellent caliber such as yours.

– David S., Dallas, TX

Robert P.

Owner, Polskin Plumbing
I have been a master plumber for 35 years and a business owner for 10. Over the past year I have had the pleasure to work with Euro Builders as a plumbing sub-contractor.

During my 35 years in plumbing, I have seen a lot of work and must say that Euro Builders is one of the few contractors out there that provides a high standard of excellent work. They cut no corners and use the best material available. Their work meets all code requirements and then some.

Euro Builders employs people that are easy to work with and who are always willing to lend a helping hand. Their pricing and acceptance of billing is very good and they always pay without question and on time.

Based on the above reasons, I would highly recommend Euro Builders as a remodeling contractor.

– Robert P., Dallas, TX

Vickie F.

Euro did a number of things for me. Repaired / replaced rotting wood on exterior of my house with hardy board. Painted the entire exterior. Tied into existing gutter on 2nd story adding a new gutter around perimeter of back & east side. Installed a new downspout at the 2 new corners. Removed a bay window and installed a new Pella window. Faced the outside of the new window with Austin stone and did a finish out on the interior of the window. Power washed stained brick on east side of the house. Replaced front and rear faucets with freeze-guard faucets. Repaired a sagging garage door. Repaired a number of cracked bricks around the house exterior.

They did a beautiful job. I could not be happier or more please with them and the job they did. I plan to use them again and would recommend them to anyone who wants a job DONE WELL. They do really quality work and have an amazing eye for detail. Wonderful group of people.

– Vickie F.

Kim And Mary McD.

We love the work done and are really enjoying the beauty. Fingers crossed for Euro to win the Contractor of the Year award.

– Kim and Mary McD., Shady Shores, TX

David B.

Hi Melinda,

I wanted to let you know I am moving out of my house. It is a bittersweet decision, but Laura and I are moving down to Lakewood so we can be closer to White Rock Lake.

You, Seval, and the team at Euro Design Build made this house a great place for me to live these past 7 years. I am sad to leave it but happy to have been part of its evolution from a house into a home with character. Thank you all!

My phone number and email are still the same so we will not lose touch. And when I am ready to make changes to the new home, you will be the first to know.

Thank you!

– David B., Farmers Branch, TX

Jackie F.

The kitchen is awesome. Every day I get home and I look to see what it has evolved into. I, too, cannot wait until it is finished. Your crew is awesome. I was pleasantly surprised to see our change order was already under way. You and Euro have really delivered for us. Again, it feels
great knowing that we have chosen the best company to do our remodel. We sleep well at night if you know what I mean. 🙂 Thanks and keep up the good work!.

– Jackie F., Allen, TX

Timothy M.

Vice President Manufacturing

I am writing this letter on behalf of Melinda Dzinic CKBR of Euro Design | Build | Remodel. Melinda has been involved in renovations to my personal residence in Flower Mound, TX. This has included remodeling of a family room, kitchen, and the addition of a bedroom with full bathroom over an existing garage. As a testament to Melinda’s professionalism and quality of work, these were three separate projects completed over a two year span.

Melinda was first contacted by my wife Maria to faux finish the walls and install wood beams and paneling on the ceiling of our two story family room. Melinda listened to the ideas my wife had for the room, took her to visit other homes she had worked on, and then developed a concept for the room. The work was monitored by Melinda and she insured absolute quality control to meet my wife’s expectations. We were very happy with the results and received many compliments from neighbors and friends that have seen the room.

The next project we completed was the addition of a guest bedroom with a full bath and walk-in closet above an existing four car garage. There were many challenges associated with his project due to complicated roof slopes, additional utilities, and structural modifications. Although we were happy with Melinda’s previous work we still chose to get competitive designs and bids to be sure we would be happy. Although Melinda was not the lowest cost option, the creativity she demonstrated in maximizing the space and developing a truly unique living environment exceeded our expectations. My in-laws were the first guests to use this room and were impressed with the design, “feel” and utility of the room and had a very enjoyable stay.

While the modifications were in progress on the attic renovation I approached Melinda about the redesign of our kitchen as a surprise to my wife. Melinda had developed a close relationship with our family and had the personal experience and talents to design a kitchen that would address the expectations of my wife and the specific construction quality requirements I had identified.

The result of her efforts was a story board that I presented to my wife that outlined the look, feel, and materials for the new kitchen. The two of them then refined the design to yield the dream kitchen my wife has long desired. The kitchen construction was 90% complete at the time my in-laws visited and we hosted a graduation party for my son. The people attending the party were overwhelmed with the transformation and the details of the design. We eagerly await the conclusion of the project and continued showing of the finished work of Melinda and Euro Design & Builders.

I would recommend Melinda to anyone considering design changes and renovation of any part of their home. She believes in the personal touch to be sure she addresses the specific desires of the client versus trying to convince people to accept one design approach. Melinda has demonstrated the breadth of experience to develop a design that encompasses traditional elements, but create a unique and personal experience through personal touches to satisfy the individual client.

– Timothy M., Flower Mound, TX

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Tom D.

I want you to know that my sons and their girlfriends are very impressed with your work and how beautiful my home looks! Their comments speak volumes, as they have discriminating tastes and are very particular.

I am filled with joy and love the beautiful transformation of my home.

I am excited about the installation of my my new doors tomorrow!

Warmest regards,

– Tom D., Plano, TX

Tim And Judy K.

Tim and I would like to thank you and Euro Builders for the outstanding work you did in the remodel of the main floor of our home. Melinda, we couldn’t be more pleased with the entire process and the quality of workmanship. We are absolutely delighted with the final result. It truly exceeded our expectations!

From the very beginning it was evident that your talent and vision were remarkable. Throughout the entire project we were impressed not only with your ideas but with your organization, professionalism and your commitment to excellence.

The craftsmen of Euro Builders were, without exception, excellent. The pride they took in their work and their outstanding ability was evident in everything they did – from the completely remodeled master bathroom and powder room, to the Luster Stone wall in the master bedroom, the travertine flooring throughout the entrance and living room, and the refinished staircase. The subcontractors you hired also showed care and commitment to excellence and worked as an integral part of the Euro Builders team.

We were impressed with the accuracy of your estimates and your unwavering commitment to making our home beautiful while working within our budget. We also appreciated all the wonderful design extras – the care you took in selecting new matting and frames for our art, the new window treatments, the lighting and your ability to enhance the features we elected to keep. Melinda, your enthusiastic positive outlook, your integrity and your ability to very quickly solve any problem that arose during the remodel were greatly appreciated. My husband and I were able to relax and enjoy the entire process. We always knew that you would work to resolve any issue that arose to our mutual satisfaction.

We are absolutely thrilled with the final result and are looking forward to January’s remodel of my husband’s office and the upstairs bathrooms.

– Tim and Judy K.,Plano, TX

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