Kitchen Remodeling

Dallas Area Kitchen Remodeling Services
The Heart of the Home

Our kitchen remodels are unquestionably of the highest quality, thanks to our devoted team of specialists who have many years of experience for your new kitchen inspiration.

Here at Euro Design Build, we know you spend most of your time in the kitchen: prepping, cooking, baking, eating and entertaining. As such, kitchen remodeling in Plano TX should take into account various aspects that address not only aesthetics but flow as well. We are experts at making sure your kitchen flows with your lifestyle, allowing you to move around easily with plenty of storage space.

Working with only the highest rated manufacturers, we install top-of-the-line appliances and custom cabinetry, with handcrafted touches that round out the entire space. We personally consult with you before tackling your kitchen remodeling in Plano TX, ѕо wе will be able to design a space thаt trulу works for your family, whether you want a fully customized kitchen or just an update.

The Special Touch

Because we truly care about the process and outcome of your kitchen remodeling in Plano TX, we ensure that a project manager is on-site at least twice per week, while our company owner is on-site at least once per week for every job.

We take the time to create several kitchen designs and select the one that works best for you and your daily activities, reflecting how we work through all the possibilities for the best outcome. Once we finalize the layout, we come up with a floor plan with coordinating elevations and three-dimensional perspectives to show where each new aspect of your design comes into play.

We then carefully select materials, products and appliances that suit not only your style but that also provide a long-lasting and functional investment to your home. All specified materials and fixtures, along with the labor to create and/or install them, are quantified in a line-by-line estimate created so that you can see exactly how much items cost and where you are investing your money. For a small additional fee, we can offer a rendered three-dimensional perspective showing all specified materials and fixtures that we have selected for your space.

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For top-quality, luxurious bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Plano TX and surrounding areas, consult with Euro Design Build today. Contact us at (972) 470-0303 or complete the online form to request a consultation.

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