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Euro Design Build offers Highland Park homeowners a variety of home design, interior design and home improvement services to expand and enhance their kitchens, baths and more.

We are proud to take an approach that incorporates insightfulness, innovative thinking and unique design thanks to an intuition-driven team. It’s our job to leave behind a piece of our soul in each and every endeavor we take on, drawing from many years of experience as your trusted leader in home environmental design.

Euro Design Build extends its reach to Highland Park homeowners with a focus that transcends the exterior and interior aesthetics of a home; we make it a point to change your lifestyle too, transforming your personal space in aesthetics as well as value. For home improvement in Highland Park you can trust, count on us every step of the way.


A prospering town in central Dallas County with a population of nearly 10,000, Highland Park is situated just four miles from the bustling metropolis of downtown Dallas. Both Highland Park and University Park make up the Park Cities, an area known for its solid schools and government infrastructure. Its proximity to Dallas makes this community a desirable place to live, as it’s on the outskirts of a major city with all the amenities of big-city life, yet it retains its own distinct charm as a quiet suburb.

Building and enhancing community pride is a critical part of being a homeowner. Feeling comfortable in your own home is important, and with a room addition or makeover, you can embrace a space that makes you happy, peaceful, and productive. When it comes to home improvement in Highland Park TX, we offer:

  • Home Design Consulting
  • Interior Design and Decoration
  • Professional Remodeling
  • Home Design Dallas
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
  • Home Improvements
  • Room Additions

Let us work out the final details of your project with you and begin the project to help you get to your dream home today. Our project managers are here to ensure to answer your call and discuss your project.

Common Questions About Home Remodeling and Renovation – Euro design Build

Homeowners in the Highland Park area would want to make sure to move forward in the right direction when they are looking at conducting kitchen remodeling, bathroom upgrades, or other home improvement projects. It is necessary to work with the right partner and to ask the right questions when it comes to your project. You want to make sure that it goes well and would like to work with the best to mitigate potential stress points and hassles.

Here are a few of the most common questions that our team of effective home remodeling experts usually hear when interacting with clients. Our knowledgeable and experienced team in Highland Park is pleased to present a compilation of frequently asked questions below.

Our prospective clients are likely to gain peace of mind by reviewing these questions.

What Kind of Remodeling Should I Conduct For My Wonderful Home?

This is a fantastic question to ask to begin the project. Many clients understand that they need to improve the quality and design of their homes in some form or fashion but have no idea as to the best project for their property. This is sometimes the best approach because it helps you to start with a clean slate and to have an open mind when looking at elevating the interior or exterior look of your property.

With this open-ended approach, our team can look at your property, take in the current design, understand your personal style and current general expectations, and then suggest different ways forward.

It is this exploration stage that can be quite fun because we can present various ideas that you may not have thought about initially. These ideas for home remodeling in Highland Park TX can yield quite a bit of wonderful results.

If you are looking for help with consultation on the type of remodeling project you should conduct for your home or other property in Highland Park, reach out to our team at Euro Design Build today, we would be pleased to help.

Our home renovation services team is pleased to discuss ideas for bathroom remodeling work, new construction work, custom cabinets, guest room projects, and more as you look to fine-tune a few details in your living space.

Can You Help Clarify My Vision for My Remodeling Project?

The process of remodeling starts with preparation and clarity. It is vital for you to have some starting points in mind for your project. For instance, you may want to revitalize your bathroom, your kitchen, and outdoor space, or another part of your home.

This starting point is quite essential because it helps you to know that this particular area has some sort of issue. That area may not mesh well with the property or you may feel that it is simply time to change it to a different design. Whatever the case may be, our team will listen to you as you express your needs.

We will then help you plan out the project and help you to refine and clarify your priorities.

Our team knows that it is important to think about aspects such as form and function when it comes to your Highland Park property. We want to ensure that whether you need more space or require design improvements, we are getting to what precisely is troubling you about the area.

We are here to patiently get to the answers before we start to initiate the actions for your project.

Our hope is that each improvement increases your quality of life and turns your property into more of a home where you can feel comfortable. Find out how general contractors work with you through the entire process to ensure that each home renovation is conducted in a timely manner and ensures customer satisfaction.

Through our years of experience working with our fantastic clients in the Dallas area, we have found that we are able to do an outstanding job and offer quality work when we are fully in sync with the client on what the final product should look like.

What is Your Level of Service in the DFW Area?

Our level of service is excellent and goes above and beyond. We know that our clients want to come to a place that they can call home. Our clients want to feel comfortable in their homes and want to work with partners who realize the significance of each project.

Our principles of transparency, integrity, communication, customer service orientation, and a focus on excellent work drive us to present the completed projects each time.

Work with Our Project Managers For Your Next Project At Your Highland Park Home Today

Our professionals use a different approach when it comes to your home in Highland Park, Texas. From designing a more comprehensive project to something more precise, like flooring, our professional team is here for you.

Choose Euro Design Build if you want the unwavering dedication to customer service and commitment to excellence. It all starts with a personal in-home consultation about your next remodeling project. Speak with your project manager at (972) 470-0303 or complete your online form.

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