How it Works

a proven process

At Euro Build Design we have developed a proven process we go through with all our clients that spans from the initial design consultation, through construction and on to the finishing process.

It begins with the first phone call, where we try to capture the essence of your needs with an open mind – and open heart! Our founder and CEO Melinda Dzinic will then schedule a private appointment in your home so she can better absorb the energy and style that is visible and invisible within the home.

From there, the expert designers at our home remodeling company in Dallas TX will craft a design plan that is highly detailed to give you a better understanding of how the process of material selection, space layout, and design is going to proceed. We use CAD drawings, 3-D renderings, color renderings and other tools to help you visualize your finished space, along with a menu-style estimate.


We start with careful measurements of the areas that will be addressed in the remodeling project, taking photographs as we go along. It’s at this time that we consider all options for the ideal layout that’s ideal for your long-term investment. We carefully consider how your family lives in the space, and what their experience will be once the space is completed. When our clients trust us to spend their money for them, we take that job very seriously to make sure that they get more than their initial investment. That’s our promise as your trusted remodeling company in Dallas TX and the greater Dallas area.


After the initial layout and designs are created, the next step is for a preliminary review of the designs before they are taken further. We finalize the selections and designs on an architectural quality colored rendering with a menu-style estimate that gives you an idea of what the final space will look like. We do a complete plan layout of electrical work for the electrician, plumbing work for the plumber, and so on. Each packet includes a spec sheet for each product that will be implemented in the space. Taking the time to do this helps our company enjoy a seamless process during production of your home design in Dallas.


Finally, the new design is brought into construction and implemented into the home. All materials and fixtures are approved by the client prior to ordering and will be purchased and installed within the set project schedule. All custom cabinetry is designed, approved, built, and finished off-site and will be ready for installation prior to the construction start date. Having all materials and fixtures here in our Euro warehouse before the project begins will help us manage our time more efficiently with less room for error while also minimizing any confusion during construction.

Pulling off a well-orchestrated home remodeling project takes time, dedication, patience, and expertise. We have all that. Trust Euro Design Build to handle your home design in Dallas TX. Give us a call or complete the online form for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel, addition, interior design or build project at (972) 470-0303.

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