kitchen remodel

Why High-end Remodeling?

In our most recent interactions with a prospective client, we were asked this specific question, “Are you a High-End remodeling company?” What an interesting question, right?  So, I asked, “What does high-end mean to you specifically?”  Here is what we heard. Looks good but it’s very expensive. I’m not sure I can afford it. Is…

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Introducing A New Product: Dry-Treat

The leading sealer and enhancer for natural stone, bricks, pavers, tiles, engineering concrete, and grout. Is it time to professionally clean and reseal the natural stone in your home? How are the floors holding up? What about the places you use multiple times a day, like the shower? All stone needs maintenance, and when that…

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A Plumber You Can Trust

Introducing our highly esteemed plumber, Joe Allen Schulten. A behind-the-scenes look at a true professional that takes pride in doing things right the first time – every time.   A True Professional Loyalty and trust are hard to come by these days. And these qualities are especially important to a discerning homeowner looking for some…

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