Refresh Your Home This Spring with a New Coat of Paint

Spring is here. It’s time to start freshening up your home. One of the best ways to make an enormous impact on your living space is with a new coat of paint – it’s cost-effective, easy to do, and with all the latest products on the market, and during the process, you can get creative. But beyond just brightening up a room, you can use paint to change the atmosphere of your home. Whether you want to go bold with a bright hue or keep it subtle with a pastel shade, changing up the paint in your home can be just the breath of fresh air you need this spring. We will discuss in this post some painting tips that reinvigorate your living space this season. Let’s get started!

Preparing your home for a new coat of paint is relatively simple and can be done in a few short steps. Ensure to clear the area, repair any damage if necessary, clean the walls, and choose the best primer and paint.

Choosing Colors for Spring Decorating

When giving your home a new look for spring, one of the best and most cost-effective ways to do it is to have a fresh coat of paint. Paint can not only spruce up the interior of your home but also the exterior. But when it comes to deciding on a color palette to use, that could present a challenge. Choosing colors for spring decorating requires some thought and creativity.

If you’d like to keep up with the latest trends in design, you could choose bright and saturated colors, such as pink, orange, or green, which have been popular over the past few years. If you prefer something more classic and timeless, using off-white nuances on walls or ceilings will give you a sense of lightness and openness. And if you want to go bold, black accents paired with bright colors can make a sophisticated statement without overwhelming the senses.

There are pros and cons to bold choices in color palettes versus staying close to neutral ones. Bold colors can shape and define a space while adding visual interest, but they may be too much in some homes or require frequent touch-ups or repainting should you tire of them quickly. On the other hand, neutrals may appear too plain at times or blend into their environment. And also add an inviting warmth to any room.

So, when it comes down to deciding what kind of colors you’ll use for your home’s spring freshening project, consider both sides carefully and determine what works best for your family’s lifestyle before making any crucial commitments.

No matter what color palette you choose for your spring refresher project – now is the time to take stock of maintenance tasks outside. To truly spruce up all aspects of your house from the inside out, let’s turn our attention toward tackling the exterior by focusing on repairs and cleaning surfaces around your home that may need some sprucing up.

  • A 2020 survey found that the most popular exterior painted colors in the United States are shades of gray, blue, and beige.
  • 22% of surveyed respondents chose gray as their preferred home exterior color.
  • According to a 2019 survey conducted by Zillow, people who painted their homes shades of blue have made a 6 percent higher return on investment than those with neutral tan, beige, and white exterior paint colors.

Exterior Home Freshening

Giving the exterior of your home a new coat of paint for spring can be an exciting and satisfying project as long as you put in the effort to choose the right colors. There are options available to give it a fresh look, whether looking to make a substantial change or just touch up the existing exterior.  Painting the exterior of your home can be expensive and time-consuming, so think through it carefully.

First, you will want to consider the color if you should stick with the same color, such as a classic white, or try something different this spring, such as a bold blue. If looking to keep things traditional, consider opting for muted pastels instead of bright ones. When picking out a color, consider the architecture of your house and what compliments parts like shutters or doors. A color wheel is also a tool when finding complimentary shades for your exterior paint job.

On the other hand, those yearning for more dramatic change may opt for vibrant and deep hues that will draw the eye to architectural features. Think about what natural elements already exist on your property; green foliage? Blue sky? It helps serve as an inspiration when choosing complementary colors that work with what already exists. Adding fascinating trim and accent paintings is another way to add visual interest to your home’s exterior.

No matter what type of look you’re going for this spring, investing in some extra coats and high-quality paint will ensure a job well done – and one that will last through future changing seasons. Spending time preparing and researching before beginning could pay off over time and save you from costly mistakes later on.

Now that the outside of your home is refreshed and ready for warmer days ahead, it’s time to move indoors and focus on sprucing up certain areas within your home – like giving select rooms an interior refresh using the same basic principles mentioned above for the exterior: pick out new colors to bring life back into those dreary winter spaces!

Interior Sprucing Up

With the winter months behind us and the warmer temperatures of spring coming in, it is time to start thinking about sprucing up your interior. Giving your rooms a fresh coat of paint can transform the look and feel and create a whole new atmosphere in a relatively short period.

What actions should you take? The debate between hiring an experienced painter and doing it yourself is almost as old as painting. On the one hand, painters with a lot of experience are more knowledgeable about the best materials and techniques for interior and exterior painting. So if you’re looking for professionals to do the job, chances are it will turn out great – guaranteed. On the other hand, DIY fans who have followed some research and chosen quality tools will have just

Choosing the Right Color Schemes

The next step to sprucing up your home is to decide on the new color schemes. It can be a laborious assignment as there are so many options. Therefore, a good tip is to start by taking inspiration from existing décor you love or like in the home. It could be furniture, artwork or curtains, etc. Notice what colors are featured, and remember any color palettes that jump out at you; these could be great starting points for your new wall colors.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, and the previous method did not give you any new ideas, use digital tools (such as app-based color generators) to generate entire custom schemes for your walls. These are handy as they give you numerous options based on your desired focal hue. And whether you want complementary or analogous colors for the rest of the house – it takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation and helps guarantee spectacular results.

On the other hand, some prefer to go with instinct when selecting colors – this involves going to physical stores rather than doing everything online and requires exploring swatches of different shades and watching how each tone works with other shades until a pleasing combination has been selected. It can be fun and creative for those who like the personalized touch but feels intimidating for anyone who struggles with complicated color-matching decisions.

Whichever route one chooses, choosing the best color scheme is a vital part of spring revamping as it will create a lasting aesthetic that can set a tone of tranquility or energy depending on how one wishes to enjoy your space. With this in mind, selecting hues thoughtfully is essential; once this stage is complete, artistic and crafty decorating ideas await!

Crafty and Artistic Ideas for Home Décor

When selecting colors for your home décor, it is also worth considering more crafty and artistic ideas, like choosing the best color scheme. There are two sides to this argument. On the other hand, taking a more creative approach can lead to one-of-a-kind works of art, giving your home a sophisticated appearance. On the other hand, taking too much of an artistic perspective may be overwhelming and hard to coordinate with existing home décor.

With that, embracing creativity in your home décor can be a great way to give your space a unique touch. If you’re not artistic, do not be afraid; plenty of readymade options are available, from upcycled furniture and locally-sourced vintage artwork that can add a special touch to any room. Whether through fabric prints or bright colors, creative decorating can be just the element you need to put the finishing touches on your home this spring.

If creating a truly unique living space is what you’re after, then going beyond wall colors and experimenting with the hue of the moment is the way to go. By staying ahead of trends, you can rest assured that you won’t end up with dated elements in your home décor soon. To achieve this look in practice, use bold colors in unexpected places, like furniture finishes and wallpaper accents, and also paint certain parts in contrasting colors. With careful consideration, putting together this ‘colors of the moment’ theme could have striking results for both contemporary and classic design schemes.

Creating a Colors of the Moment Theme

After exploring some creative and artistic ideas for updating a home’s décor, creating a “colors of the significance” theme could be a great way to give your living space an entirely refreshed look in time for spring. In recent years, fashion and interior design have embraced an array of bold colors that translated into home easily.

Consider something more daring than traditional white walls, such as navy blue, pastel pinks, or yellow ocher hues – all of it can create luxurious, stylish living spaces. Embrace accent shades to bring out the underlying qualities of the dominant color you choose; for example, if you select pink, then team it with subtle hints of lavender and copper to create a truly unique and impactful style. Alternatively, try mixing warmer shades with cool tones for a comfortable yet dramatic transformation. Experimenting could open up possibilities – so explore color combinations to find the perfect match for your furniture.

Finally, don’t forget that painting is not an extensive job; with just one new wall interior atmosphere’s color can be revitalized to give the entire room a brand-new feel. Now that you know how best to use current colors of the moment to refresh your home this spring, it’s time to focus on the most challenging part of any DIY painting project: preparing surfaces for painting.

Preparing Surfaces for Painting

Now that you have an idea of the color palette that will refresh your home this spring, it’s time to make sure your surfaces are prepped for the job. Before starting on your painting project, it’s important to do a little bit of prep work. Preparing surfaces for painting is not only crucial for proper adhesion and sheen, but without proper preparation, paint can crack and peel off prematurely from the surface.

Before beginning to paint, surfaces should be assessed for any inconsistencies like lumps or bumps that could change the way the paint goes on. This could include old layers of paint, dirt buildup, and tempering with the latex paints being used. To grind down any imperfections, start by using medium-grit sandpaper before moving up to finer grits. The sanding process assists in creating a smoother finish once the paint has been applied and lets it last longer.

Be aware that painting over unprepared walls could have far-reaching consequences, damaging existing paint in those areas which haven’t been adequately prepared. While it is possible to get away with simply cleaning an area before painting over it, without properly priming it, often extra coats of paint need to be applied or areas may experience cracks and flake within a few months or even weeks after painting.

The debate as to whether it’s necessary to sand every wall before applying paint divides opinion among professional painters. On one hand, some argue it is required and that not doing so risks premature failure of the painted surface due to poor adhesion between coats – essentially wasting valuable time in the long run if frequent re-application is needed when peeling occurs shortly afterward. However, some argue that sanding between each coat of paint is unnecessary, especially when higher-quality paints are used that have better adhesion and coverage than their cheaper counterparts.

Learning how to properly finish a wall before painting is a vital lesson that all budding DIYers need to learn if they want their projects to last and prevent costly re-works down the line. Reputable home improvement stores will sell everything you need to prepare the walls correctly, including various grades of sandpaper and primer. Make sure you take time out to read instructions carefully and follow manufacturers’ instructions when preparing surfaces before beginning your big transformation!

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Author: Melinda Dzinic
Author: Melinda Dzinic

Melinda Dzinic is the founder and CEO of Euro Design Build. She has a deep passion for creating beautiful, healthy spaces for families, knowing that people’s homes are a foundation for living a richer life experience. She is a NARI Certified home remodeler whose eye for design and tireless professionalism has made her one of the top voices in Texas’s home renovation industry.

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