The Eastman Project

A serene combination of elegance and functionality, we created a space that feels decadent without sacrificing essentials like storage and layout. We set out to give the homeowners the indulgent experience of an open wet space that makes their bathroom feel lavishly grand. 

We had so much fun designing and transforming this primary bathroom for one of our long-time clients. The owners were tired of the outdated mediterranean style, instead longing for a modern luxury oasis where they could unwind and recover. To achieve this goal, we opted for cleaner lines, brighter and softer colors, and an open concept layout, giving them the bathroom retreat of their dreams.


  • The Wet Space: This unique design element takes seasoned professionals and a nitpicking eye for detail. The gradual slope towards the drain and the placement of walls and plumbing need to be carefully considered to guarantee a shower and tub space open to the rest of the bathroom that doesn’t leave the entire room wet or flooded.
  • Material Selection: When main field tile selected for this bathroom arrived, we were shocked by the busy striations that varied incredibly from tile to tile – a very different look from the samples we used during our design process. We, along with the homeowners, felt that it took away from the tranquility we were aiming to bring to the space.


  • The Wet Space: With careful measurements triple checked, the appropriate materials, and an expert team, the open wet space was a breeze to install. The gradual slope is nearly unnoticeable and the homeowners can shower without worrying about the spread of water.
  • Material Selection: We worked closely with our trusted partners to quickly swap the tile with a more neutral replacement that completely transformed the space into a private sanctuary. We were even able to complete the space on time despite the original setback. The new tile worked even better than we could have imagined!

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