St. Marks Game Room

Game Room

  • Create a dedicated semi-private work, study, and computer station for each child that suited their unique needs and interests.
  • Create a storage repository for school work, craft supplies, a printer, and printer supplies.
  • Create a dedicated space for shared studies, tutoring, arts and crafts, and playing games.
  • Identify the best location for a 75” flat screen television for family movies and video gaming.
  • Create a storage repository for board games, audio and video units, DVD player, DVDs, video gaming units, and accessories.
  • Create an intimate setting with a custom sectional couch that can accommodate the entire family–while making sure not to overwhelm the footprint of the newly remodeled space or prevent traffic flow between adjacent rooms.
  • Create a welcoming location within the space for a kitty play station.
  • Create access to the pet litter box in the garage water closet.
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