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wallpaper can play a big role in your design plan

Our designers are skilled at applying wallpaper in a variety of patterns, colors and styles that suit your kitchen and bathroom design needs. But if you have an image in your head of old fashioned peeling wallpaper from grandma and grandma’s house, think again.

Today’s wallpaper designs, patterns, and textures far exceed the limited options you may have had before. Great home design in Plano TX starts with a plan, and part of that plan includes your final vision for the space. The dynamic, textural look of wallpaper can play a big role in your design plan.

We can help you select the look you want for your bathroom, kitchen or any other room of the house that is in need of an update. If you’re looking for a smart way to invest your dollars as you embark on a home improvement journey, count on the team here at Euro Design Build to provide expert guidance and advice on wallpaper as part of home remodeling in Plano TX.

Wallpaper Installation Services for Every Space in Your Home

Looking for wallpaper services in Richardson? Our experts will install wallpapers in every place in your home as per your specifications. Count on us to deliver a creative finish that transforms your space with stylish, sophisticated, and appealing designs. Our wallpaper installation services range from traditional wallpaper to fabric and vinyl wall coverings, so it is really up to you to decide what stays. Speaking of which, many homeowners take advantage of our additional wallpaper installation services, including:

  • Non-woven wallpaper.
  • Easy-walls wallpaper.
  • Grass cloth wallpaper.

That said, hire us whenever you want an interior design job to enhance the aesthetics of the following spaces in your home:

Bathrooms and Kitchens

You totally change everything when installing wallpaper, even in somewhat easy-to-miss spaces. For example, the right wallpaper hangers with excellent patterns in the bathroom can give you a serene feel as you get into your personal spa. As for your kitchen, our wallpaper experts can install stunning designs behind the cabinets, giving your cooking area a little extra character.

Bathroom Cabinets

Lest we forget, your kitchen is not the only place in your home with cabinets. Our experts will do a great job of hanging wallpaper in your bathroom cabinet to make it stand out. You can also request a splash of color to the cabinets to personalize your bathroom as much as possible. Our experts can also install wall coverings that make your space seem bigger.

Living & Dining Rooms

The living room or dining room should be the most beautiful space in the house, where your guests and family gather. To give them a pleasant experience, let our wallpaper installers put up some fun designs on an accent wall in these spaces, whether partially or wholly. A subtle design can go a long way in adding a much-needed touch of texture that will pull the whole room together.

Of course, our wallpaper services extend beyond these. Get in touch with a few questions to discuss your project.

We Do More than Installation—Get in Touch for Flawless Wallpaper Removal

Can I find an interior designer near me to remove my old wallpapers? Euro Design is here to help!

You want an excellent wallpaper removal job when you want to do away with old wallpaper. Our experts will perform a smooth and uniform removal whenever you want to replace current wallpaper with wall paint or another wallpaper design.

Opting to paint on top of your wallpaper is a no-no since it will certainly leave a poor foundation and texture. Besides, the wallpaper border, seam, tears, or bubbles would still be visible. That’s why we advise that you remove wallpaper before replacing it with new wallpaper.

What Are Advantages of Installing Wallpaper?

If you are unsure of hiring wallpaper companies like ours, these advantages of installing wallpapers will convince you.

  • Our pros can easily install or remove your wallpapers, saving you the hassle of an interior or exterior painting job.
  • Wallpapers come in many styles, colors, and textures.
  • Wallpapers are easier to clean up.
  • Wallpapers are more long-lasting and durable.
  • Wallpapers are an excellent way to cover any imperfections on your walls.

What Can You Expect from Our Wallpaper Services in Richardson, TX?

Whether you want to enhance your property or adopt a totally new look, our wallpaper team is what you need. We offer top-tier wallpaper installation services without straining your pocket. Check out what you can expect from us:

  • Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Experienced wallpaper installers.
  • Timely arrival, timely completion of projects, and timely responses.
  • First-rate materials.
  • Tidy work areas from your wallpaper installer during and after service.
  • Friendly wallpaper services from reliable professionals

Take a Look at Our Work Process

We are a leading destination for wallpaper installers you can trust in Richardson, TX. After deciding on the perfect design and how many rooms you want us to transform, Euro Design painting company gets started. Below is a walkthrough of our typical process:

  • Removal of existing wallpaper
  • Wall prepping
  • Cutting the wallpaper to size
  • Marking a plumb line and hanging the first piece of paper
  • Smoothing of the surface
  • Trimming off the excess material around outlets and light fixtures
  • Repeat the process along the wall


The demand for wallpaper is growing alongside the faux finish painting boom that has gained so quickly in popularity. More and more wallpaper manufacturers are capitalizing on the need for high-quality wallpaper that imitates the art of faux finishes.

As a result, our designers are finding more and more clients are searching for the perfect, unique faux finish in wallpaper form. New wallpaper choices abound when it comes to home design in Plano TX, so let’s sit down and go over the right style for you.

Quaint and traditional? Modern and sleek? It’s up to you! The key is to choose a wallpaper design, style and texture that transcends time and provides the look and feel you want in your home. This may mean you opt for a solid neutral color or a muted pattern that never goes out of style. Then again, you can go bold and buck the trends!

And remember – if wallpaper is not the final choice we can explore a whole new line of water-based paints at our disposal which boast many more selections of color, hue and value than ever before.

Consult our NARI certified designers before making the final decision for your wall finish. We would be happy to set up a personalized consultation today in advance of your home remodeling in Plano TX. Call us today at 972-470-0303.

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