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Custom Faux Finishes



Custom faux finishing isn’t a skill that every interior designer possesses. But at Euro Design Build we have the skills to bring out the true beauty of your rooms with beautiful faux finishes. We can transform your walls into a work of art when you choose interior decorating in Plano, TX, and surrounding areas from bricks and distressed plaster to marble and metal effects.

Anyone can simply paint a room a one-dimensional color. True art form emerges when you have an expert skilled in custom faux finishes to give your walls another dimension so that they pop.

We can create an old Italian-style marble finish in your kitchen or use a faux Venetian plaster look for your bathroom. When we conduct our in-home consultation with you, we will go through some samples and portfolios of our work so you can see exactly where our talents lie when it comes to this crucial aspect of home improvement in Plano, TX.


Our interior decorating services encompass all aspects of the painting process, including floor to ceiling paint, molding, texture, color, and lighting. Euro Design Build is happy to provide full interior home improvements to include comprehensive painting services.

We help you create interesting and unique spaces in which to live, bringing a one-of-a-kind element to your home that no one else has as part of their interior decorating in Frisco TX. Our creative and talented professionals love what they do and use their skills to complement any room of your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Our Custom Faux Finishes in Plano, TX

Faux finishing is a creative technique that we use to create nuance and texture by replicating the feel and look of other surfaces. Some of these surfaces include marble, suede, or striped wallpaper, to name just a few. It takes a lot of creativity, professionalism, and patience, but in the end, the results will show you why it is worth it. Our faux finishing services can be divided into two broader categories – Basic and Advanced. Here is a look at some of them:

Basic Faux Finishes

Color Washing

Also known as a broken finish, our color washing method brings an old-world charm that is authentic. This faux finish makes it seem like the surface has been weathered by time, and yet is quite uncomplicated. We mostly use this finish for family rooms, master suites, dens, or kitchens to create great looks.


This is arguably one of the easiest faux finishing techniques that we use. Our experts at Euro Design Build use two or three different colors to add dimension, texture, and color to your rooms. We also use a glaze and natural sea sponge. Before beginning to sponge, this decorative method requires the application of a sealer or primer using a roller.

When it has dried, we then apply the faux finish by dipping the sponge into a paint or glaze mixture and softly dabbing it on the wall in a random pattern. To achieve a bolder effect, we use different color glaze. However, if you prefer a more subtle look, we can use a glaze color from a similar group as the base color.

Advanced Faux Finishes


The elaborate patterns, rich color variations, and veining of natural marble are the best qualities of this faux finish technique. It is a method that involves layering tinted glazes on top of a base color, mimicking the appearance of natural marble. This finish is best suited for tabletops, picture frames, fireplace surroundings, and walls, of course. The process takes time, effort, and expertise that Euro Design Build can provide.


This is another amazing faux finish if you want to achieve a weathered or aged appearance on your table, chair, and garage door, to name a few. Crackle faux finishing provides a attention-grabbing style and can create magnificent focal points in rooms. For this technique, we use two colors of paint, varnish, and a crackle medium to achieve the desired look – a distressed or ‘country’ appearance to the surface of your choice.

Faux Granite

Due to the sophisticated nature of the style, granite has become a very popular stone in the modern world. This technique combines sponging and speckling a mixture of glaze onto the surface, replicating granite patterns. The pattern variations and colors are limitless, meaning you have more freedom to express yourself with faux granite finishes. We usually recommend this finish for furniture, floors, countertops, and of course, walls.

Diamond Faux Finish

Diamond patterns in the entire house or just an accent wall can be elegant or fun, and casual. Our interior decorative experts have to carefully prepare and apply this finish to your hallway, dining room, vestibule, or bedroom, achieving an astonishing effect and excellent workmanship. We involve you in every step to determine factors such as the color, texture, or size of the diamond shapes. This ensures the final product reflects the look you were going for.

Strié Faux Finish

Real fabric wall coverings are fairly expensive and can cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you have extensive wall surfaces. Enter our interior decoration services using the strié technique. Our experts use the strié or dragging faux painting method, achieving an exquisite finish. Just as the name suggests, it is just dragging or moving the paintbrush over a colored glaze covering a base coat. The result is a high-end and luxurious look that is quite attention-grabbing.

Stripes Faux Finish

Our faux techniques at Euro Design Build can create a very interesting design in any room using stripes. Not only are stripes a classic, but our expertise in painting them is unequaled. Faux painting using stripes gives us more freedom to create personalized, original, horizontal, or vertical patterns that reveal your taste. They also allow us more freedom to match the colors to your décor.

Using our experience in the industry, we can assist you in choosing the type and size of the stripes and deciding whether to apply the faux paint on the entire room, accent wall, or any other place. Our team will also assist in choosing an appropriate color scheme. Most customers prefer two different shades from the same color group, but you can go bolder using contrasting colors if you wish.

Other Interior Design Finishes

Other interior painting options using faux technique include:

Verdigris Finishing

The word verdigris originates from the French and means ‘the green of Greece’. If you are looking to create an old, aged copper, or bronze accent, this is the best technique.

Natural verdigris form as cupric carbonate accumulates on weathering bronze, copper, and brass as they age. You can see this blue-green layer on historic spires and domes. Our interior and exterior painting team can give your home or property beautiful, soft, chalky, and ancient touch to your decorative metalwork.


This is one of the best faux techniques you can use on cabinetry, furniture, and any other surfaces that you would like to get a distressed or aged appearance. All our professional faux painters have to use is glaze and a base coat of paint. You can improve your home’s décor with a feature piece with a unique personality and beauty.

The technique is usually done with earth-toned glazes that are darker, layered over base coats with light colors like beiges, creams, or yellows. However, the vise-versa also creates a unique finish, depending on your taste and preference.

Get the Best Faux Painting Services in Plano, Texas

Euro Design Build boasts a team of talented painters and faux finishers who possess the skill to create a true form of art. To be an expert in faux finishing walls and cabinets, the appropriate training, the right chemistry, and the appropriate knowledge for using that chemistry are imperative. This seamless blend of interior decorating in Plano, TX helps to create that one-of-a-kind piece of art in our homes that transitions well through time.

Work with one of our NARI certified designers today to come up with the ideal texture and faux finish to pull your remodeled room together. We would be happy to discuss your ideas for home improvement in Plano TX with you today. To request a consultation complete the online form and simply call us at (972) 470-0303.

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