Stonebriar Master Bathroom Remodel

The owners of this beautiful home on a golf course had a very outdated master bathroom with a prolonged shower-pan water leak. Their goal was to create a one of kind master retreat that they can enjoy for years to come. With impeccable taste, they had a desire for the highest quality and luxury that money could buy, which they had come to expect and experience throughout their many travels world over.


We set out to create tons of storage without the feeling of imposing furniture or cabinet storage into the space to accommodate their desire for a clean and simple space without any clutter.

We custom framed a shower wall into the shower entry, where a very deep and tall storage cabinet would be recessed into the wall and would be hidden behind a framed mirror. In this location, the extra wide wall would not be visible from any location in the space. The new vanity cabinets, which are now together on a single wall, provide both him and her with multiple hidden storage areas; two new corner towers will hide the many outlets for their electrical appliances and toiletries. Hidden hand towel holders are now hidden behind both sink doors, making them both accessible and hidden. The vanity now displays and stores the needed towels for the bathroom.


We also created a zero threshold in the shower, while making any slope for water drainage imperceptible to the homeowner. In order to achieve this, we had to drill into the existing foundation to lower the floor in the shower than that of the main area in the space in the shower to make it lower than the rest of the floor in the rest of the space. We recessed a linear drain in the entry to the shower and created a slight slope towards the drain.

W use plumbing fixtures that would provide lots of pressure and volume of water that they had come to expect with their old shower before the stricter code requirements went into effect. We used the Toto plumbing fixtures with their new air-induced technology in the shower system.

Push button valves in the shower now control the 4 body sprays, main shower head and the hand held sprayer.


Appropriate lighting was critical and was completely redesigned to provide the right lighting regardless of the need. We added 8 LED recessed angled cans, “Electric Mirrors” with integrated lighting over each vanity and her makeup area, plus 2 sconces by her makeup area which add the softness the space needed. LED tape light under the floating vanities provide a night light. All the lighting in the space are on individual dimmers for optimal control of lighting depending on the ambiance and task at hand.


Finding the right countertops was an exceptional challenge because the homeowners were fixed on a white countertop but did not want a manmade product. They wanted a natural alabaster white stone that was very simple and strong. The biggest challenge was to create a seamless countertop on the 13 foot long vanity countertop. We were able to achieve this by adding a marble pedestal under the center tower in order to hide the seam that was in the center. The countertop looks great and no one will know what it took to make it possible.

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