Hampshire Court First Floor Remodel


The homeowners were not prepared to renovate their home, especially since their minds were on the wife surviving stage 4 pancreatic cancer. However shortly after a freeze last winter they discovered a leak coming from an exterior wall, just behind the built-in office cabinet caused by an exterior spigot that had burst. The leak went undetected for several days until they noticed a water puddle under the desk and hardwood floor buckling. Needless to say, the water damage was a lot worse than they had anticipated.  As a result, the existing built-in cabinet and hardwood floors were badly damaged and had to be replaced.

Since they would have to start from scratch and rebuild their home office and storage cabinet, they decided to make some solid improvements to the function and aesthetics of the space, as well as other areas of on the first floor of their home.

This was an office the wife usually used, a place she had always wanted to update but never got the chance to.  Seizing the opportunity, her husband decided to create something special for his wife. They left for Florida for a 6-week vacation while the office and the first floor was transformed into a place she would enjoy for the rest of her life.  We did have all the furniture custom build for each space.


  • Keeping dust to a minimum while redoing all the hardwood floors especially since we had a lot of Audio and video components, valuable art that had to be protected during the reconstruction.
  • Incorporating new crown molding into the existing wall crown molding on the new office cabinet.
  • Overcoming electrical outlets under the hardwood floors that were not grounded and recessed into the slab.

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