Rated #1 Overall in Kitchen Remodeling

According to General Contractors Magazine, Euro Design Build is rated the #1 best kitchen remodeling company! You can read the entire article on their blog here! Your home remodeling journey is as unique as you are. So much of the time, homeowners get stuck deciding what remodeling company to go with that will best meet…

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A Place Called Home

The Menendez family loved their ranch-style house for many reasons. It was single story, had large private spaces, was in a terrific neighborhood that was close to the kids’ school, and had enormous potential. Not everything was perfect, however. They had outgrown the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room, and wanted to improve the multi-purpose…

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Renovate or Move

As your life changes over time, so do your needs and desires regarding your home and your living spaces. You may wake up one morning to discover that your home–which worked perfectly for you and your family 10 years ago–suddenly no longer fits your lifestyle. Growing families often recognize a need for a bigger kitchen…

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Design Trends for 2019

Styles and trends are shaped by a multitude of factors. The realms of fashion, economics, politics, art, entertainment, religion (and on and on and on) all come together to impact our lives and drive our preferences. The way these factors move together to influence home design trends is a great interest of mine. At the…

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