A personal note from my heart…

Everyone here at Euro Design Build is a HUGE pet lover. Our pets are one of our favorite topics to discuss at lunch—we’re always bragging about how amazing they are and what a difference they make in our lives. This shared love of animals is something we love about our company and simply adore about each and every one of you.

Rescue animals are a common thread among most of us, as many in our ranks have taken in an abused or injured animal. Seval and I can tell you that Bella and Schotzy, our two German Shepherd girls, have breathed new life and health into our family. Our house is full of dog hair and at times a bit dirty, but it is also filled with love, laughter, joy, positive energy, and safety. Not to mention that we feel much, much healthier because of all of our daily activities in the park with these two amazing animals. We feel that these benefits far outweigh any monetary costs of having a pet. They add so much value to our lives and are less expensive than a membership to a gym!

We’ve noticed that many of our clients are animal lovers as well. We are blessed to work with one couple in particular, Mr. and Mrs. Sailer, who have committed their lives to rescuing senior Pomeranians. These dogs were either terribly abused or thrown away because of their frequent medical issues and the hefty associated expenses. Mr. and Mrs. Sailer rescue these sick little dogs, take care of all their medical, emotional and physical needs, and provide them with the comfort of a royal home. They currently have six of these little Pomeranians, even though Mrs. Sailer is extremely allergic to dogs.

It is my personal belief that all dogs go to heaven, and there they defend your life in front of God before you are allowed to enter the pearly gates of heaven. To quote my good friend, Tom Kohl (proud owner of Ruby the Rhodesian Ridgeback): “All dogs are God’s spies who were sent to earth to spy on human kind.” What a perspective.

This holiday, we at Euro would like to ask you to consider rescuing an animal that deserves to be part of a good home like yours. Next time you see an injured animal, regardless of its species, stop to help make a difference in that animal’s life. You never know whose life you just might be saving.

Please send us your pet stories to share with the team. Also, please share your ideas about how we can come together as a community to make a difference. What do you think would be a worthy cause that our team can mutually partake in to make a difference in the lives of animals who were abused or abandoned?  Please share your thoughts! Your ideas will play a critical role as to the direction we choose to take for this mission.

At Euro Design Build, we want to make a difference in the community, one pet at a time. Help us spread the love!