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Add the Right Color to Bring Your Rooms to Life!

A large part of interior design in Frisco TX is painting, which is a specialty that Euro Design Build offers our clients. You will be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room!

Euro Design Build offers full interior home improvements including comprehensive painting services. Our designers have an eye for choosing just the right colors to complement any room of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom. 

Backed by many years of experience in matching clients with their visions, our clients enjoy a beautiful planned space that’s unique to them. Euro Design Build boasts a team of well-trained painters and faux finishers who possess the skill to create a true form of art. 

To be an expert in faux finishing walls and cabinets, the appropriate training, the right chemistry and the appropriate knowledge for using that chemistry are imperative. This seamless blend of interior design in Frisco TX helps to create that one of a kind piece of art in a home that transitions well through time

Adding the Perfect Touch

Here at Euro Design Build, we have a bigger variety of colors, hues and values than ever before, making us the perfect choice for your luxurious interior design in Frisco TX. We handle it all: floor to ceiling paint, molding, texture, color and lighting. We know which complementary colors work best to draw out the focal points of your room, and which ones can provide an accent that transcends time. 

A great deal of time and thought goes into selecting just the right color for your walls; after all, the paint color you choose is a direct reflection on your interior design style and personality. Using precision tools and detailed measurements, you can rely on our team to handle the technical aspects of any interior paint job. Straight lines…streamlined transitions…beautiful pops of color. We do it all, from faux finishes to detail work.

As part of your interior design in Frisco TX, let Euro Design Build pull the overall look of your new space together with just the right paint. 

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Author: Melinda Dzinic
Author: Melinda Dzinic

Melinda Dzinic is the founder and CEO of Euro Design Build. She has a deep passion for creating beautiful, healthy spaces for families, knowing that people’s homes are a foundation for living a richer life experience. She is a NARI Certified home remodeler whose eye for design and tireless professionalism has made her one of the top voices in Texas’s home renovation industry.

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