Mallard Trace Entire Home Remodel

Starwood Community – Frisco, TX

The Smith’s home improvement was not that complex. They simply wanted a home that would serve their family’s needs more fittingly and better reflect their lifestyle. With that in mind, their focus immediately turned to the main areas the family used most often; the existing kitchen, family room, dining room, guest bathroom by the media room and of course the laundry room/mudroom, an area that was used by all daily.

The kitchen layout met the family’s needs but form, function and overall aesthetics did not suit their overall experience in the space. The breakfast room was small and had a patio door in the main traffic flow, making it difficult to move around when the family was dining. The family room, small to begin with, had a wall of dark stained windows, dark stained cabinets and an outdated faux cast stone fireplace that did not enhance the environment or the beauty of the outdoor pool area that begged to be incorporated into this space.

The Laundry room- mud room was a small, overcrowded space which faced the family each day as they walked through the entry. Laundry is never a favorite chore so tackling laundry in such a small space was not a fun task. This space was more important than they realized at the time. They now have a haven to walk through with individual storage space for each member of the family.

Guest bathroom was a space used by the family and guests when they were spending time together watching TV in the media room or family room, but was severely dated and felt too small even for Shroeder, the family dog.

The Smiths were not interested in making superficial changes to their home. They wanted a home that would truly reflect who they are, their character and lifestyle. What better way to achieve this than by replacing the existing front door and windows with something more relevant for this fun family. When you enter this home, the space truly defines this family.

Serving this family throughout the design and the renovation process was a sincere pleasure and true honor. We could not be more proud of the outcome or the joy that the transformation has brought to this family.

We look forward to serving you and your family for many years to come.

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